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Related article: Jenny that a lot of stories about children who have seen their feminized by u occasionally their mothers, aunts. And I've also read some men feminized by their wives. These stories are fine, , but for someone who has managed to take a girl, they do ring of truth. So I write this report, with the hope that people can see what it is, if a child becomes like a child. Young Bbs Links You will find no pressure here, I was a willing - or rather, an avid - the subject, as they do, you should always be the case if this happens to be real life. And I'm afraid you will not find much sex either. I My life changed from hell to heaven when I was seven years old. I was a child and weak, not aggressive, and the other boys attacked without mercy on me. The school was hell for me, and my own neighborhood was hell. He would come home crying almost every to face every day, until finally he could not, and rarely left our House, except for school, it was inevitable. communitypanionship, was playing with a neighbor instead of boys. This summer we had to move to another city, and one night my mother sat me down and asked me the question that will change my life. it was very embarrassing and very uncomfortable, and he took a long time n to get to the point. But here, in essence, is what he said: " Jimmy, who has had a horrible time living here, and I felt sorry for what for.. If I had a nickel for every time you eat Home tears, to be able to buy ** our new place. And I was trying to to find a way to protect yourself or maintenance of this is not happening. only have able to think of a way. " hesitated. Then: ". ? You used to play with Sally next door, a moves Do you remember the day... They played with Sally y bring in their clothes " " Oh Mama, who was his idea, "n " never.... no, no problem. Yes, I saw the two, you and the clothes play with.. What was it? Your tea set ? Yes, however, You Young Bbs Links know, I remember that afternoon was not so much did his ashamed if I was seeing, but how calm and satisfied than they were before he saw me. Yes, they were angry, because I have been watching, but I had been watching for almost five minutes up to the moment I saw you just did.... Now, I can not remember a time when it seemed so serene. " " Well, we were a kind... " I am broke, n at a loss for the right word. " relaxed? In the ease together? I thought you were. I liked to watch the two of you. She seemed so calm and happy, the only time I have always been happy, except when you're home with me. Y... I do not know, I've been thinking about it, but still sounds so crazy when I mention it, but... I wonder... Have you ever wondered life would be like a girl? had " that, in fact. me explain, so no the wrong impression. I do not hate a child. I disgusted with the body of a child. Two years later I still had only a vague word would have known of the physical differences between boys and girls, but if s more, I wanted Young Bbs Links to keep these children from their parties, , at least at that time. But I hated the life I had to live as a child. Never speak of "sex - stereotypes " in those days, but if we had, so is that they have opposed. Machismo manic, obsessive. almost constant violence. The contempt for any kind of activity , except athletics. The strong back, weak mind. And yes, sometimes, on very bad, I'd go to bed and pray, " Oh God, please pray for me as a child. " But I was praying for the relief the male stereotypes and abuse that plagued me for not the body of another. Not at that time. It was not long, not a child there with not enough to live as a child. That would change later when I deal , but that's what it was back then. Ok, now we have it out, I will return to my n history. innswer to the question of mom said : Yes, I had thought of n and sometimes wanted. "It was so bad that sometimes in my prayers I asked God, treat me like a child," he said. Her eyes widened. " When you wear clothes to Sally, he liked Young Bbs Links right? " I nodded. ", which has one or two times on the part of my underwear, dress, right? I'd say. Did you know that ? " I must say that since my father died, mother and I was very close. Most children who have been petrified if they had been putting panties on the sly and their mothers, they were confronted I like it. But it was always easy in those conditions, I just said, " Yes, it felt good just hope it bothers them too.. " " Nothing but a few pieces out of place, love. But here is what I arrive. we are moving away to a place where nobody knows you. This is a place where you can start again, if you want to n. a new reality beginning. And I wondered if this could be is a good time for tOh, how my daughter to live instead of my son. solve many problems. " You know I love you, Jimmy, and I love who and what is to you, but I can not stand Young Bbs Links unhappy Maybe if I go in a girl.. - If I could give this prayer for you - I do to be good, I mean only temporary, only for a few years, the years when the child is so dirty - maybe you have to grow would be behind a happy. not for the rest of his life through all the scars meanness. And I want you to be happy. " Do you see what I mean is a change from hell to heaven. I took no time at all to decide for me, I had done when he was a conversation with me about the possibility. He said : Yes, and I think that for the first time the light in my eyes as I did. But she was cautious. "I think you should try for a few weeks , or maybe a month from now, before we go, " she said, " so you can see how it is. Do not want to do if do not like. But I can notYou get to wear a dress to try something that really suits him. It's summer, go to school, almost never leaving anyway. So maybe you could try to dress like a girl, around the house until we move. In fact, , to be two ways to change your mind, the first , if we move. If you think you like, then we end with the month after Young Bbs Links we moved ourselves and then decide if to continue. And if you decide you do not like... Now, we I hope you find the good guys in our new place. " The idea had stuck in my head. I was listening to their environment and average account the new possibilities that its proposal had been opened. Y The more I thought about it I liked. in fact, was surprised how pleased I am. Mom was as careful, not under pressure, but I was sure that I love, and only regret is that I have not been able to dress as a girl DC, just off tonight, butwould have to wait for to get something for mom tomorrow for me to wear. I thought a little more when I went to bed before sleep. Young Bbs Links That would be a real adventure, I realized. This was not a game * only * about a girl like me could play a cop ot a pirate or an airline pilot. That would be real, something to do with my life, experimenting with it. and was not something that in my own mind, dresses and pants ( panties!... Gosh !) were things that an objective, material existence had been are n. Even were the costumes. They were real clothes, and I would use them. What would I call? As a girl who would have to be something different as Jimmy. I lay in bed, taking into account the possibilities. I tried something that sounded ruffles and feminine. Not only Mary or Martha. Cheryl ?... Madeline?... Stacey ? The girl was in school, is the prettiest dresses name Lorelei. H'mm, what about Lorelei in honor of the beautifulFor clothing, I was going ? Nope. risk. Suppose we met some time... I just heard mom said, " Lorelei Lorelei is. " It's a shame. Finally, , which was: Someone had a story as a dancer called Giselle sad ( that was our teacher in school? ). ( I had somehow lost the Young Bbs Links important point is that Giselle was the name of the character, not the the same dancer. ) I'm in stockings and a tutu assigned to name Giselle. That was it. I would be the sad dancer Giselle. The next day mother returned from shopping with lots of packages. There was obviously more than just a dress. I was beside myself with excitement. That was it! My flight to femininity was at hand. And indeed, instead of the packages in her room when she would have done under normal circumstances, it s that in my room, and you have to undo. young girls panties. A bit up (I was too young to have a bra ). Small white and pink socks. A rock. Some blouses. another rock. A yellow dress trimmed with white lace. And a couple of the shoes of the girl. Little by little, my hands Young Bbs Links trembling with excitement, I put things. I chose the yellow dress for my debut as a child. The children wore their hair quite long in those days, so Mom had just combed back and put A yellow ribbon on it. Finally finished complaining about me, and I looked in the mirror. I just made ​​a very persuasive girl, such as While the person that I never saw so young. mom gave me a little kiss. "My child," she said. " What is your new name, dear? " doubted. Suddenly, "Giselle " exotic seemed ridiculous that simple woman, very American I had become. " Well, come on, honey has. You've probably thought of a name it. Can not trust Jimmy to go, now, right? " Young Bbs Links that did not to a name. Finally, hands behind the back, eyes downcast, in a whisper - whispere I - the voice of a girl when I was clear thatd, "Giselle " and was red as a beet. One of the reasons why the mother 's love was such that he never laughed me. And yet, with this absurd answer that, even now, I am embarrassing, remember, laugh, she did not. " This is a beautiful name, my dear, " she said, " and if that is the name you want to have , then we will. But you must remember that they are a American girl , not European, and people see a little more... well, convincing... if you have a normal American name. " " No, mom, " I replied. "Giselle was a stupid idea. Let me think about it, a little more. " I had no idea what happens. " Okay," Mom replied. "Right now, I will call a Jenny, who is very close to Jimmy. And even if n in the name you want, let's change it then. " it turned out Young Bbs Links never think of a better name. It was, in fact, s too busy to make a girl to discuss details such as name, that of to this day, July 20, it was Jenny. Jimmy Taylor was born of 14 th in December, but Jenny was born on 20 July and I thought, from July 20 as my birthday. This fact alone should must say, I like to be a child forever. II In my first full day as a child, I got up early - around 6 clock - y then remembered what I do on this day I was too excited to go sleep again. I felt it would when Sally me n in a dress when we played together. That would be else, this not only play a girl. I watched the clock, as he crawled around eight, my usual time of up. At half past eight I could not wait any longer. I got up, put on my pajamas, and then looked over his mother's modest range of things I had. If these pants, or what? What luxury of waiting for the joy, really have a choice to be truly allowed, and indeed, to put on pants ! I chose a pair of pink. This was a one-month trial to see if I likedlive as a girl. But as I put on her panties -oh, my God! how soft it felt ! as smooth legs - I knew that for me the process was over. If this is how clothing was all ready to go to nothing else for the rest of my life. Just then I remembered how I s had asked once in this time and in a sudden impulse I dropped on my knees, even with just my underwear and folded his hands. " Thank God, " I said. "Thanks for giving me a girl. " years (later told a beautiful Jewish girl who was my dearest friend with me that every Orthodox Jewish man thanked God every day for it, born a man instead of a woman. I said, " You never have taken no!" ) I chose a light blue blouse and a denim skirt level. Mama I would be happy, have the right colors are selected, and I not chosen to bring something fancy for the day. I got a pair of socks and shoes. Then I looked to me in the mirror. I thought I saw a loco least convincing, as it had earlier in the evening. was another half-hour walk before breakfast, so I spent the reordering upon my dresser drawer, pushed my regular socks children y lingerie and put aside the things mom of girls had to get myself. Then I did the same in my closet. As he lay in rock n ' mother told me the other, I realized I was going to have to hangers for skirts. For now, I turned the skirt on a hanger ordinary coat and hung it carefully. Mom was happy to see me at breakfast and is dressed like girls. She kissed me Young Bbs Links and said, "How is my beautiful daughter s this morning," My heart jumped. " Your daughter is just great mom, " I responded with a hug and a kiss. Breakfast was full of happy talk with my new life. I told her to start, n felt how good I was getting dressed in the morning, eager to s status, and how the extra time to save things my girls and put my new dress and sKirt. " actually left his own clothes ? " He exclaimed. " You have done before, if I have to get to the way they used to have to pick up after Jimmy, I'll never change , you can return " n However, we sat down after breakfast to work, and began to learn how much more it was just a girl, a dress. The first lesson was on foot - how to have a child. smaller steps. Less weight on the heel with each step. " If you go on the heels of old enough to be used, my dear, you learn, toe and heel almost together. So you can simply y preparing for this moment. " So I went back and forth through the living room floor, I thought, in the use of high heels. And I was thinking about using nylons , too. What would be a great adventure for this next sat. How to approach a chair. How do you feel in it. How to improve my skirt so that it folds so you do not understand. as cross your legsso men could not see until you are. " The real test will be how you look when you use a dress," he said. " Suppose you put on jeans and shirt t s with sneakers. Girls wear that sort of thing. When people see in this way, they'll think you're a boy or a girl ? you can. not fall into the clothes, then you need a girl to pass, have to act like a girl that you have to like a girl when taken n only the clothes, you're just a girl on the outside if you.. not be caught, you have to be a girl from the inside out. " " Now run, run Dear. in the kitchen and run all the way to the lobby. n " I fallow for a career. Mom held me back. " Not so, Jenny This is the way a boy is running, move your arms return keeping your elbows out and hands in the -.. " They No shows "- and keep your balance flapping their elbows forearms forth. are almost always aware of what you can. " as these images told all the girls he hasd seen Running a jump in my mind and I realized he was right. It was difficult, so, and felt very different. That would be to take to work. " Well, Jenny, here's your task," he said. Young Bbs Links "I want practice walking, running, sitting and standing. You do at least one hour this afternoon. And every time you sit down, here or in your room, remember, you're a girl and I remember I said you do. okay? " was as good as anything you could get. I saw the amount of More was not only a girl Young Bbs Links who only clothes, and I realized that deeper than feminize management, best it. I walked all day, trying to remember all the details that about me and move on. III. So began. I think now and bless the memory of , the Bully Boys unwittingly pushed me to a girl. Mom had planned a month of testing, but does not take it for a month. I knew this was what I wanteded on the first day. Something only work if the chemistry is right. I realize that mom was the secret hope of a girl instead of of a small child. And somewhere deep, the level detected as wants to be a girl, too. Had been more than intimidation of the other guys, that was just a trigger. So as soon as for us was opened by the circumstances, was inevitable Young Bbs Links to do what we did, we found in our respective roll as a pair of magnets together. When my father died, he left an estate very well. We were not rich by any means, but as long as we were cautious and lived in a modest mom does not have to work. And that was the key to the second part of his plan. " I wanna hold you, the whole school, Jenny, " said one morning ", so that you are to keep a girl. I can do, as long as I am teaching it. is called homeschooling, and I read Young Bbs Links to them. So if you would be a less seriousil, and if you work hard and not to deceive, and when they complain that they do not, if you have to the study of the boring stuff, and if you do not try to exploit me , then do not go to school every, at least not until well into school and maybe not even then. " Do not go to school... I had been dreading school. A month dry was very good, I had thought, but no to see how he was able to attend the school as a child. Now mom, wonderful wonderful favorite mom had a way, that I had not found back to everyone. all of these investment funds... I would have said that \\ \\ n to the salt mines are working to prevent school, I would have to seized the opportunity. vehicle away. "This means extra work for me, we give as , and housework. So I ask, using housework, as we do. Young Bbs Links I'll try girl selected tasks for you to do the things you've done all the time, if you have to s been born a girl. This may be part of training. " Asmovements had made formal arrangements for the mother - house of education , and the day ended, we had a celebration. that s been a milestone in my life as a child. I had already begun to live full time as a child, but that 's when we decided to The experiment was a success - well before the month ends - and I had decided to being a girl hold, at least until the class school. We have morning and afternoon on school work. I worked hard, because that was the price of freedom. It was that or use to go to school than boys. But Mom also found Teach love me, because she said it was a lot to learn itself. Some things, like computer literacy and a use all the time, but no other subjects like history and geography, tend to disappear over time, and my mom loved learning about these issues re -n \\ \\ a depth greater than if they had a child. And the own happiness was in his teaching and made me enjoy it. Some wDo you want to teach me was something like a Dramatic Arts, and she chose to sing and dance. that s wanted, I dance in a position as a girl, and she thought, dance of training would help me learn to move a girl otherwise ( even though, under the surveillance mom, I started to be good at it anyway). has an ulterior motive was to sing with me: I wanted to develop that , the voice of a girl, if I could. It is true that the difference is, more gestures and Young Bbs Links vocabulary, as I wanted to pitch Young Bbs Links in and to get a female form to speak firmly in place as quickly as possible. But they thought the song that I realize how I my voice and I in the habit of his control. She thought, , which would be a good start for me this morning, before my voice changed. changed my vocabulary, too, because girls use different words to many things. For example, I decided immediately that I wanted to be a mom for now a mom, and I never called her mom. December mummyUser interface to be my handwriting more feminine, too. This was a difficult task, and have worked for months about it, because Young Boys is not as good control over her fingers so small are girls, and my handwriting was sloppy. Mom wanted correctly and rounded, with small circles instead of dots over the i. I hated this job, but I stayed because I began to estimate that feminize the secret that would be many small details. had a sort of dirty blond hair, and little by little as Jenny the acquisition of Jimmy, is allowed to grow to his shoulders, and Mom began teaching me how to care for him. Among my pictures Time This is a picture of me with long hair bows to on both sides. Mom wanted a picture of the entire project. "If you keep on , a girl, you want these photos to remembers how it began and how it looked. And if remains , I would not want these imagesis also a form of the memory of the sweet little game he played for a while. " Have I mentioned in my heart, but that sweet, that was not a game, , and would take more than one time. remember when my mother took this picture because so excited I when he left. was just my head and shoulders, so Young Bbs Links but I wore a dress when you took, you could only see a is an indication of the fabric of flowers and a lace collar. n But I'm happy as a girl in the photo. There is something the face. I think the way I thought I was, eyes. the over time this photo was taken, I was thought of myself as a girl all the time. was then when I bathrooms (showers than I had given too manly ) and as I think it n panties pulled in the morning, me, because it reminded me that I was biologically, is a child. and these memories, I must say, began to grow tired. My Little the penis and testicles reminded me of cotton underwear and clothing raw wild child I used to HAVMail to use and above all the terrible life I was a child born. And as the years passed, I thought as things were for me from Young Bbs Links achieving full childhood. mom continued education through all grades. He was a happy time. By his example taught me to learn to love and look for our studies as a reward. And since the products of our public views schools, I think the statement by the mother was much higher. as often as she know what they were dealing Young Bbs Links with course materials the public schools, they shudder at the sight, and go and find better themselves. And his childhood education was, too, but at a lower Young Bbs Links level, because it was always be second nature to me. After a year of Young Bbs Links training, it was judged that I make, and we take a walk together in the afternoon. Young Bbs Links That gave me the opportunity to observe, study other girls my age, how they behaved, and does some of what vi. When I was ten, I started running Errands to - some more food and things to the cleaners. IV were years of happiness and satisfaction. But when I came to the age of 12 years, reported a new threat on the horizon : puberty. mom had to explain to me about sex. With his usual thoroughness, put had read the books in the library for me, but most of the information in the s came of it. I learned about babies, and what men to testify. My first thought was how much you want to be a mother. Mom was not laughing when I told them, God bless. But he did explain that was impossible, and took me back to the books and the n anatomical drawings to show me what it was. that was not satisfied. I could never be a mother but I had no interest in becoming a father. At that moment I felt so completely comfortable as a girl ( a very pretty girl, of course, hat s what really helped) who unconsciously believe that they are I wanted to be a girl for rest of my lIFE. The idea of ​​ to grow a beard and my penis starts is large, Young Bbs Links filled me with horror. I did not want a bigger penis, I wanted breasts. The more I thought about it, but to intervene Young Bbs Links was, and I began to wonder about it. Life in those years was so sunny and happy that I go through the house, singing softly while using my studies and my job. But now, under this new threat, which was day faint, and mom must have noticed, and we know that sometimes In the evening I put on my pillow to mourn for the idea that my life as a a girl would become an end will come. One night after dinner, the mummy found me silently crying for my books. " What, honey? " She said. It almost seemed as if anxious like me. until it was too much to say aloud, and began to mourn. Finally, I got it :.... "I do not have to let a girl do not want to be a parent who does not want to be a man and I do wants to grow a beard if I can not be a mother, can' T I just be 'm a spinster ? " smile, remembering the poor girl - boy, who said he wanted to be a spinster, but as always, refused to laugh mummy I n. " but, dear, that has just been published, as a child on a temporary basis, so it would not line with other kids. It is intended to come to an end sooner or later. What will you do in school? " " I Young Bbs Links will not go to high school, "she said, sobbing. " No, I must be a child. I hate those guys. I do not like the idea of ​​having a child. do not want to be Jimmy, I want to be Jenny. * Jimmy 's dead! * "I began to mourn uncontrollably again. " Four... Years of happiness: "I shouted,"... four years as your child... and now... "n I had between my legs. " I'd never been there. I like it to be fair... agreement, or reduce, and left me alone.. " At this point, Mom was crying, but calmed down before I was doing , and said, " Do not go away, Jenny. But... so, let me see if something wand can do. Do not want to go of all the promises, but... Well, let me see. " I Young Bbs Links do not know what he meant. But Mom was the only sure thing in my life that could cure a person, all my wounds and resolve all my problems. You would think something. always did. Clinging to this hope, I left to mourn and could not sleep. Two weeks later mum announced that we would see a doctor. The doctor was in another city and had to catch the bus to to get there. During the trip was very reserved mother, did not says nothing about where we wanted and why. But she had the air of a person with a happy secret, a guilty secret. When we got there, the doctor turned out to be a woman. "Dr. Madison, this is Jenny, " said the mother if she were sitting in Office n. Dr. Madison - not his real name -. was a middle-aged, gray-haired woman had the bedside manner far, I looked around and I loved that from that moment was warm. and enjoyable and inspiringconfidence immediately. It occurred to me that this is the other was a person on earth I would not mind to meet Jimmy. That was good because I asked about Jimmy began immediately. Slowly, gently, she took me to tell the same story that he says, in my miserable childhood, about the experiment we tried , the success that was how I wanted , a girl. " Jenny is faced with a man now, " a mummy ", and is distraught. Found it in the week before to mourn her eyes out, , and she said she had have liked not to be a man. that is why I come to see you. " Dr. Madison looked at me directly. She wanted her designs to my mother, but she said that was typical of the way treats his patients with respect and kindness. and never once called me Jimmy. " Jenny, do not know if we can do much. Young Bbs Links Your body is going to produce hormones, chemicals that grow as you and affect the form Your body develops. This will be male hormones, and will grow to be a kid, like your mother told you. " Well, it is true that there is a procedure called hormone replacement therapy treatment. This means taking the pills to replace the male hormones, so that their bodies more than women. in your case, because were before the onset of adolescence, the female hormones in the pills , which would develop as a girl instead of a child. Do Do you understand? ' understand n ! my heart was beating. Mama had done it again, removing one of his miracles, the miracle of making me a girls, the miracle of my homeschooling. Y now he had found This wonderful doctor. must have shown in my eyes. " But there is a problem, Jenny. You are still a minor, and see the law is not nice to people alter the natural development of minors. There are laws that govern how much we can do, and some of these laws would apply, although his mother was his permission. " " Do you mean the lawI will not take these pills ? You mean, " - I fought back tears frantically -" The law could be forced to I'm living a life that I do not like ? You mean the law or make me unhappy? What kind of act of hatred is that? " I want these pills, Dr. Madison, who,... hormones. I will not let me , the law or anyone else around me in a child. Failure I will get a knife and cut *, * I swear I will! " mother was horrified. " You do not know what you're saying, Jenny ! " "Maybe she knows, " replied Dr. Madison. "Children often see much more clearly than we give them credit. And the children were known mutilate themselves if they were in the position of Jenny. " away vehicle. "Okay. I do not give up immediately, Jenny. However, all we do, we must not act in ignorance. So first, I would like to provides a complete physical exam, and I wish a number of tests to Young Bbs Links analyze the chemistry of your body, and we can n. Then we can decide what anytHing, we can do, and treat the distribution is a form of activism. The therapy, if we do. And I want you to see a psychiatrist, so that everyone knows how deep Your feelings are. Because if he did go beyond the law - I'm not saying that , we want, but if somehow, say, these pills were to pass only to get into their own hands - would be the effect \\ \\ n irreversible. Do you think now that what you want right? " " irreversible... you mean when you have changed me, I can not change return? " " That is correct. " " I * know * what I want. I'ma man now, and my body was threatened go back to change. That's why I was crying. I is changed again. I want to be so tight that you can not always change again. " " That's what you're thinking, " continued Dr. Madison. " I need to to be sure that this is what you think after puberty. That's a change great in his life, and we need to know what to expect and how to to deal with it. " Now, he turned to Mom. " If we do this, in whichULD to be honest, an experiment of. I am very reluctant to do what her daughter. interventions into the bodies of young lives with his manipulations. In any case, I had no intention of doing anything until they have the the back testing results and assessment of the psychiatrist. then We shall see. " There is one more. In general, it requires that a patient will live a full time as a child a year before taking any action. By age someone Jenny s, I would be more of what you want. But you say, s are living full time for four years, so I think this can be done. that I'll know better once I've heard from a psychiatrist. " despite the warnings of Dr. Madison and the repeated warnings, I had to Office in the clouds. Dr. Madison was made by physical examination this afternoon, with the exception of for hormone assays, which will be performed by a laboratory. But I was in town for interviews with the psychiatrist to stay. The two of them, the second was the day after the first. The psychiatrist took me through began my childhood and life before and after the First Association of. He wanted to know when my father died (when I was four ) and I knew him (not good ) and that remembered him ( only one side now), what were my relationships with the mummy want ( wonderful in every way ), so my relationships with other children had been as ( uniformly disastrous), and so on. Not surprisingly, that spoke at length about my life as a child. He had to admit to myself and for walking and sitting, and stood in silence for the blessed mummy the training they gave me. On the third day took us back to the office of Dr. Madison. " The psychiatrist think it would be a safe bet," said ", said the question that remains is how the system would respond Young Bbs Links to HRT. " " hormone replacement therapy ?" I I asked. "What 's that? " " HRT " he said, " I have outlined treatment on Monday. Show your tests, hormone levels are normal for a pre - Young Bbs Links adolescent boys. This suggests that if we intervene now, must be able to completely distract thand male puberty process that usually a year or less and will start puberty a girl instead. " I can not tell you how happy I did. Then there was the question of how appropriate hormones may be available to me. to the people who helped me at this critical time to protect, I'm n will give the details here. ! going to say that Dr. Madison recommends an approach that worked was in the way Dr. Madison gave me my first shot of hormones as an injection of y said : " you do not know what to do or who Young Bbs Links did this to. " I have never liked needles, and enter the blood sample for testing was a pain, but I really expected stabbed by Dr. Madison needle full of hormones, I was so interested in my transformation. then gave mom a list of the types of pills taken since then, along with instructions to use. V \\ \\ n 'll say the same, that the experiment (if that's what it was) with hormones wasa success. I could have been ghosts, , but I thought that hormones started working immediately. I have since read that it takes a week or two, so this was only illusions, but I swear my nipples began to sensitive the next day, and I thought, I realize that some breast grow a few days later. Then mom came to the logical solution : every Sunday night before going to bed, took a tape measure around my breasts and captures the measurement, Young Bbs Links both inhaled and after be exhaled after. A month later it came to us, others are measurements, and - height, waist, hips and, above all. There these figures and the way I see it gradually became is a real girl in the next three or four years. I grew breasts, gradually, rather than expanding the beard, my hips, of course, my voice never changed, and although my penis is not reduced to nothing, s the way I had hoped that, at least, shows nounwanted and signs of growth. This was another of the good times in my life. The way my body began to develop as the body of a woman, I was at an age to start dress like a woman instead of a girl. For my thirteenth Birthday Mom gave me my first my first league and stockings. I felt so grown up anyway for nylons ! At first I took them with everything - dresses, skirts, even jeans. I wonder girls have genetic appreciate clothes as I did ? do have the same pleasure in silk lingerie, soft, spongy, frilly dresses in fabrics, ribbons and lace ? or s use these wonderful things that only part of the working day for them? For me it was a sensual pleasure, and every morning when tightening was a celebration of the clothes that I created and my increasingly femininity. I still do not know of these good things of course. I remember once found a mummy record a song from an old music comedy. The song was "I like to see a girl. " You bought it, and brought home as a joke to them. We laughed, but the song I spoke. I memorized it, and sometimes, when I was a dressing, or maybe just doing homework or cleaning up our Homes, I would sing softly to myself. "I pray, a girl, " Young Bbs Links Yes I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and sneakers from time to time, and, Thanks to the careful tutelage mom, I like a girl in the full \\ \\ n as I was in every dress. However, the clothes were so beautiful... ! and substances same.. Has anyone noticed, pretty and feminine as Young Bbs Links are their names ? I used to have their names only dream Kashmir......... Chambray Chenille... Chintz... 'lame... Organza... 'N Pique...... Velvet satin tulle...... Tarlatana. And Taft ! what... ordinary, "normal" person ever has a chance n luck, wear taffeta ? The SAP poor probably be ashamed to mourn. The same happened with makeup. Mom had to stop myself, because here, , like the younger girls, who tend to exaggerate. but Isat with me vanity (yes, Jenny had a dresser in his room now) and imagine n, as the Myrrhina beautifully in a poem my mother used to quote, to in his vanity With closed eyelids gently as the wind the gold flowing through the incense of flowers on trees. The only problem was that when I closed my eyes, I could not see the Effect of eye shadow, had asked. The hormones had a different effect on me : I started to notice boys. He I have never had any tendency even remotely gay before that, and , but I'll never know for sure, do not think I would have if I had to grow as a child. But now I was becoming an heterosexual girl, and suddenly I started noticing things, about boys, what I liked to watch. Its sleek flanks. his arms. His shoulders. Your ass. Small Packages - y sometimes not so little - in front of his jeans. Denim n tends to wear at this time, and as a result of it was interesting area always decorated with a touch of low light. And I loved seeing the slight unconscious arrogance that this knot in the pit seems to be every one of them, even the puny - so different from my n own female feet, which is now second nature was. The plan was for the mummy continue homeschooling me until my youth n in high school, but my progress was much faster than Dr. Madison I expected, and I started in public school to go to my second year. The first thing I learned was to advanced stage in almost all subjects. Do not tell me at home - The school does not work! At that time, was the attorney for the mummy managed to change my birth certificate and other documents received from the James (Male ) to Jennifer ( Female ). Considered this process with the lips prim and rigid disapproval, but the mother was very emphatic if his mind was made, and ended with the execution of our desires. me in high school and homeschool, took Mom a job. Medical costs are high andwe had to limit; Mama administrative skills soon had a good salary and We were earning more than ever before. In high school I started young. I was delighted to be, not a child a itself, but I found the fascinating creatures. I liked the hardness of their bodies and the way I looked. I liked to kiss her, and I loved seeing her lips when she spoken. I liked a different kind Young Bbs Links of difficulties, even when I found out that the time first put my hand into a pair of children. I could not let in the pants, of course, because of what he found there ( rats! ), , but I fell back to the age of time of months of apology and had a great n the time you a blow job - my first time. A penis was a splendid thing , I decided as long as my body is. VI. finished high school as Jenny and I to college as Jenny. I s requested, and given a stipend, which was generous enough to actually able to get the money. And then the firstHe said the summer after my eighteenth birthday, I wanted to end mom work. " What do you mean, dear? " She asked. I think she knew. " I mean, I do not need surgery, these things -. " I between the legs - "I do not like and want to get rid of I want a wife, a. Girl with a thickness ". After a conference call with Dr. Madison, I took the bus to view we speak. I said I wished she could have done this right when I was a child. She said she would have been out of the the questions in this age, and that the hormones had been risky enough proposal. " But I'm eighteen years," he said. "I am of legal age and I am going my youth. " Young Bbs Links " You spent more than him," she corrected. But they had a strong objection. N " Want Young Bbs Links to do the surgery ? " " Yes, Dr. Madison, I would like above all. Not only because of the best surgeons in this field, but it is important , of course. not just because you are a Young Bbs Links woman and that there Ihave conducted a great deal for me, as an operation by a woman. But you're a friend, someone who has escaped from my life, and you're the only person he could trust. " agreed, and we planned a tentative date. July 20, the 'birthday today Jenny would otherwise " There is a request I have. Can the surgery under local anesthesia n ? I want you to do that platform and a mirror. I would like to in order to observe the operation. I want the satisfaction that you cut. " You gave me a look of surprise. " No, Jenny, I fear, I can You have to know that in the cold, under general anesthesia. and we know is not just a matter of recording a pair of scissors and snip - off snip snip -. This operation is very long and very complicated. No simply remove the things I have to give a vagina too, and , is a lot of... so, heavy duty, and has new wiring... ¿. " was sorry to hear that. I had seen my heart I had to his voice... rated, I guess I should say. I asked if she less could videotape the operation and got a little cranky n and said this is not only a great thing for home videos. So I left the thing. I have flattered me a preview of the PO , however, even though only a view through a window. I saw the operating table and stirrups on it, and I thought, with emotion: " My legs will be in the stirrups ! " My last memory before the operation went through the room I use in the operating room, caroling out in the top of my voice, " I like being a girl! " VII n After the surgery, Dr. Madison reminded me to look at my request. " I could not convey that, as I explain. But I understand why wanted to know that I have saved so the testicles and what left the penis if you want them now. " Young Bbs Links " No", I said - a little irritated, I fear. " Sorry, bothered. I can not see spending all my life. I've seen enough it. I Wanted to see how to solve, but I do not see again. Ever. Throw away. That's all they are prepared to. " This was a year and a half ago. Was pretty soft after the operation. And dilation was after a n painful few learn from the beginning. A dream Another advantage n, a TS: with a dildo attached to the vagina, under the orders of a doctor s that I have never heard of a doctor ordered to play a man, his penis on a regular basis. had my first husband -Oh, no, that's not the way you say - it was had my first husband about six months ago.. It was only the second now, but he was urgently , and I thought why I can not simply be a place to Jenny heels round I guess I am, when will all the other men in my life be as fun as it was.. I'm sure I'll be **** so that's my story I have ever spent when I started writing it. Young Bbs Links I have to devote to it now my three best friends in the world : mummy, Dr. Madison, and my nice, new, very vaguen princess Pervette February 1997
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